Backwater Valve Repair & Installation

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T-Flow Backwater Valve Repair & Installation In most cities, within the vast sewage systems that lie below our streets, the water and sewer companies have separated the storm water from the waste water piping. During heavy rains, especially in low lying areas, there are piping conditions that can allow for the storm water to mix with waste water and push back into the neighborhood homes causing a raw sewage situation in people’s basements. This is NOT a pleasant situation and is one that we at T-Flow Inc. have witnessed several times. The purpose of the backwater valve is to prevent this occurrence. It is simply a device installed on the main drain that will allow waste water to exit a home or building but won’t allow it to enter into the building. We can’t emphasize enough the importance of having a backwater valve installed on the main drain in your home or building especially if you reside in a low lying area that is prone to flooding.
T-Flow Backwater Valve Repair & Installation

If you have an existing backwater valve that doesn’t seem to be working properly T-Flow Plumbing may be able to repair it by adjusting or cleaning the internal flapper. This can be a very messy job. Our personnel are well trained and accustomed to handling this type of repair. Do not get your hands dirty. Please give us a call now!

If you notice an issue with sewage backup into your basement call (617) 818-1229 immediately to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our expert backwater valve technicians.