Emergency Basement Pumping

Emergency Basement Pumping2017-02-06T14:42:07+00:00

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What could be worse than being in the comfort of your own home during a rain or snowstorm and finding that your basement has been engulfed by water? At best you may only have to worry about the mechanical equipment that keeps your home comfortable. Even worse you may have a beautiful finished basement that could be ruined. Maybe this is the first time you have been flooded or maybe you had a sump pump that failed. One way or the other the damage caused by the water will be very costly. You need to get that water out of there quick! At T-Flow Plumbing we have had to work through some of the worst New England storms. To assist us during these times we have acquired gasoline powered pumps that move up to 16,000 gallons per hour to either help you keep the water level down during that heavy rainstorm or to empty out a basement that has been overwhelmed. Call us and we will get these pumps to your home and start the cleanup.

Gas Water Pump - Boston - T-Flow Plumbing Heating and Gas FittingDuring a storm sump pump replacements can become extremely scarce. At T-Flow Inc. we stock several so that we can keep our customers happy during the most pressing times.

Call T-Flow at (617) 818-1229 if your basement is flooding or has already flooded. Our emergency plumbing technicians are available to make the necessary repairs and pump out that flooded basement efficiently and safely in Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and the North Shore areas.