Gas Leaks

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T-Flow Gas Leaks
Gas leak repair is serious business. Gas leaks should never be taken lightly.

A gas leak can happen anywhere. If you hear blowing or hissing sounds near your gas lines or smell sulfur or rotten eggs, leave the area immediately and call the local gas company that supplies the gas to your home or building. Have the representatives from the gas company investigate the situation while making your building safe. Once this is done call T-Flow Inc. PLUMBING HEATING GAS FITTING to come to your home and make the repair. In most cases the gas company will not make a repair inside your home but they can usually get the gas shutoff the quickest and maybe diagnose the problem.

Even the smallest gas leak can be life threatening and needs to be immediately addressed by a qualified gas leak technician. Call (617) 818-1229 to repair a gas leak.