Heating System Installation

Heating System Installation2017-02-16T16:17:08+00:00

T-Flow Heating System Installation T-Flow Inc. PLUMBING HEATING GAS FITTING is the company you need to talk to regarding the installation of a new hot water (hydronic) heating or steam system. The people at T-Flow have been involved in the installation and replacement of heating systems for over twenty years. Through our experience we have seen the many changes in the hydronic and steam heating business and therefore have learned the most efficient and trustworthy systems on the market. We have distinguished the good systems from the bad and know that it would not be good business for us to install a system that would prove to be unreliable. T-Flow Inc. stands behind the work it does and the equipment it sells. Callbacks due to a system that is not working are unprofitable therefore we design and install our systems to run strong so that we can concentrate on other work. T-Flow Inc. and its people have established some great relationships in the heating business and have great resources in order to get your job done in the way it needs to be done.

You can be comfortable knowing that T-Flow has the job process down to a science. When the job is complete we are confident that you will be thrilled and will wish you had done it years ago. At T-Flow Inc. we get excited when it comes to heating. Transforming an old, unreliable “clunker “ of a heating system into a gem that provides peace of mind and efficiency to our customers has proven to be a very rewarding aspect of our not so glamorous business.

Please be aware that there are several state and federally funded programs to help you pay for a new heating system. Please call us so we can explain your many options. We have experience with the following:

  • Hot water (hydronic) systems
  • Steam heating systems
  • Oil to gas conversions
  • Oil and gas boiler direct replacements
  • High-Efficiency boilers (94% and up)
  • Standard cast iron boilers
  • Power vented units


Call (617) 818-1229 to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our expert heating technicians.