Hot Water Storage Tank Repair & Installation

Hot Water Storage Tank Repair & Installation2017-10-28T13:21:05+00:00

T-Flow super stor gl glass lined storage tank

Is the hot water in your home heated directly through a small coil in your boiler? If it is, you probably have found that it is not always sufficient or efficient. A lot of times it will show up at the faucet at scalding temperatures. The solution to these problems is a hot water storage tank that stores the hot water from the coil inside your boiler. This is the simplest solution to creating a more modern hot water system for your antiquated one. From the right manufacturer these tanks can be stainless steel and very well insulated creating a long lasting, efficient system. Off of these tanks T-Flow Inc. would be sure to install a hot water mixing valve so that the water temperature can be made just right.

T-Flow Plumbing Repairs & Services is not only prepared to install your new storage tank but we also have the experience to troubleshoot and repair/replace the major components that make them work.

If it’s time to install, repair or replace a hot water storage tank in your home or building please call (617) 818-1229 to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our hot water specialists.