T-Flow’s Plumbing Discount Service Plan Includes:

  1. Complete annual inspection which includes:
    1. Flushing of your water heater and visual inspection of the temp. and pressure
      relief valve, flue connections and piping, main shutoff, drain valve, vacuum relief valve and
      the overall condition and age of the tank.
    2. Checking of all the drain and water lines that are visually accessible throughout the property.
    3. Check all toilets for proper flushing, any leaks, and water conservation.
    4. Check all faucets and tub and shower valves for proper function and leaks.
    5. Visual inspection of the operation of any garbage disposals.
    6. Check the water pressure in the home. (sufficient pressure is between 60 and 70 psi.) Excessive water pressure can cause damage to valves, faucets and other components through-out the plumbing system.
  2. 15% discount off of the final bill for all regular service calls or contract work.
  3. 25% discount off of the final bill for after hours emergency calls.
  4. Preferred customer status. You will be given the highest priority as one of our customers
    when you require service.


*This plan is only eligible for residential properties.

*After doing our inspection we will give you a summary and price for any improvements
that need to be made to your systems. If time allows and you are in agreement to making these repairs we will do the job then at the 15% discount. If time does not allow we will schedule for another day. No repairs will be made during the inspection period.

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If you have any questions please call T-Flow PLUMBING REPAIRS & SERVICES at 617-818-1229.