T-Flow’s Pricing Promise:

  • We never charge a travel fee for local jobs (Boston and The North Shore).
  • After the first hour, we charge in 15 minute intervals. You will never be charged for a full hour when we’ve only worked a portion of it.
  • All of our time and materials used will be listed in plain English on your invoice. You will know exactly what you are paying for.
  • While other companies will not give you a price over the phone we think that it is only fair that you understand what things will cost you before we come out.
  • We are a business, but at our core we are plumbers; We’re not salesman trying to make a quick buck. Our top priority is to solve your plumbing or heating issue. We see much more value in doing a job right and establishing a long-term relationship than in doing a job cheaply or selling you on a service that you don’t need.


T-Flow Plumbing, Heating and Gas Fitting is proud to offer straight-forward, upfront pricing with no surprises. For more detailed pricing information, or to get a quote for a specific job, call (617) 818-1229.