Water Leaks & Piping

Water Leaks & Piping2017-02-06T02:42:24+00:00

Water leaks and piping

There is not a more dangerous plumbing emergency than a burst pipe or water leak. If you have a major leak or a burst pipe, you need to call in an expert immediately. Water leaks and burst pipes will damage your home and have the potential to be dangerous. As soon as you notice a problem turn off your home’s water and call T-Flow immediately.

Also, if you have a slow leak, make sure to address it immediately. One obvious reason for this is because a small leak will eventually become a big one. Another less apparent reason is that any moisture that is left unaddressed can cause a substantial mold issue within your home. At T-Flow Inc. we have witnessed this several times. It does spread rapidly, is expensive to get rid of and creates a health hazard. Call us so we can nip that problem in the bud!

We offer emergency leak and pipe repair services to handle your unexpected plumbing needs.

Call (617) 818-1229 to schedule an appointment or to speak to one of our emergency plumbing technicians.